Our Story

From travel bags to commemorative posters, it's all about connecting with each other and making the world feel a little bit smaller.

  • How it started..

    We originally launched Salt Atlas as a travel bag company, bringing together a community of surfers, yogis, and sun chasers around the world through our shared love of travel.

  • Why travel bags?

    We wanted to inspire people to explore the world and go on adventures on a whim, with our functional, tropical, all-weather bags that made traveling easier.

  • The Twist..

    All travelers know, things don’t always go according to plan. Sudden border closures and new travel requirements changed the way we travel, if we even got to travel at all!

  • Big Changes

    The pandemic caused sudden shifts not only in how we travel, but how we live and connect with each other. Although some changes were unwelcomed, we could still stay connected with friends and loved ones anywhere in the world thanks to technology and memories.

  • The Idea

    We brainstormed ways to keep everyone’s blissful memories of travel alive and it sparked an idea.. the unique details are what make a memory special, so why not create artwork displaying all of the natural details of your favorite seaside memory? The Tide Map was born!

  • Founder

    Jess, the owner and designer, is a surfer and traveler herself, splitting time between Japan and California, designing for companies like Billabong, Roxy, and Hurley. 

  • Specialties

    Tropical prints and surf graphics are her specialties, but she loves to design artwork and gifts that help people feel connected, and gives the feeling of paradise.

  • The Best Gifts

    Gifts are meaningful because of the thought behind it. Give something personalized and sentimental that brings back memories of a first date at the beach, an epic birthday, or a dreamy wedding!

  • Stay Stoked!

    Take a look around the shop and see what new stuff we’ve come up with. We’d love to help you share a memory and send a smile.